Thursday, January 20, 2005


Are words like "Freedom" and "democracy" code words for capitalism? This is an issue I would like to discuss with the online local community. I find it hard to beleive that America is interested so much in the freedom and democracy of the middle -eastern countries all of a sudden. What about China, Korea, Russia, etc. Why don't we "spread freedom" over there? Let's stop letting our leadership dupe us. We all know that America is only interested in freedom when it is profitable. To boot, America will bend it's so-called "moral values" when the situation is beneficial to those who have power, i.e. those who have captial or money. We could care less about the rest of the worl or each other for that matter if it will cost us one trip to Wendy's.

Ill Ridgely Shawn

Friday, January 14, 2005

Was Civil Rights Civil or Right?

Was it all just to ride on the front of the bus, (even though we still like the back)? Was it all just to shop at Dillards or JC Penny? Was it for equal schooling? Equal to what, look at the public school system. Was it all for the sake of feeling white?
If we take an honest look at the stats, Blacks were far better off after slavery-1890-1910 than we are now. If the trend continues ,we'll be DEAD SOON. We think its a joke and we think our government and our leaders are jokes. I assure you they are not. While we smoke ounces of weed and listen to 102jamz or watch BET, they plot and plan for the eventual takeover of the world and destruction of human rights and freedom and eventually, the destruction of the whole damn thing. Was Civil Rights Right or civil?
We've been had, hoodwinked, run amok, flim-flammed. We never got what WE wanted out of civil rights now we have the right to be broke. Holla at a Solja,