Monday, April 11, 2005

Broken Glass Everywhere

Well, it happens again. Somebody broke into the Chineese Food Resturant- China House last night. They broke the front glass and kicked the shards out into the shop and out on the sidewalk. Why would anyone open a business on Phillips Ave? Why would corporations or non-profits risk loss of property and life trying to bring economic development to this abyss?

I do it for the love, but I tell you, I hate to think how I would be feeling right NOW waiting for the police to show up and do a police report. The Chineese guy-Yung told me his cameras are turned off at night- bad idea. The local bad actors love to sneak around late, late night when the streets are deserted.

What can be done to prevent this, other than going door-to-door finding potential suspects or could be, would be suspects. Acts like this make it bad on everybody. I geuss we should just pray because this is crazy.Image hosted by
Image hosted by


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